2016 - 2018


Coalition of Concerned Members of NASW

Quick synopsis: Our National NASW leaders were proposing a plan called “Modernization,” which many Chapter leaders viewed as consolidating greater authority in the DC leadership, while saying it was an effort to put “members first.” This plan seemed to reduce the democratic structure of our association and to "un-democratize" our current processes (see statements posted on webpage for more info.).

As a counter-measure, a group called the Coalition of Concerned Chapter Presidents submitted the requisite # of signatures (725 when 500 were required; including a minimum of 25 from each of the 53 Chapters) to NASW calling for a Special Membership Meeting to openly discuss concerns. The meeting was scheduled to occur on April 8, 2016, but was subsequently cancelled after National received attorney letter (posted to this website).

The petition gathering efforts above led to MANY more members becoming aware of the organizing efforts and a new Coalition of Concerned Members United was created. Efforts by National to control/limit dissenting comments left many frustrated and ready to challenge some of what was seen as years of disregard of association bylaws and a violation of membership rights.

Funds were gathered to hire an attorney for legal advice regarding these concerns. We are thankful we took this step as we FINALLY had a voice. We do not believe this would have occurred without the attorney as complaints seemed to simply be ignored for MANY YEARS.

Our first attorney, Jeffery Tenenbaum, was excellent and is a nonprofit specialist. We now have another attorney who has expertise in Corporate Governance and whose firm has agreed to continue to help us pro bono!   

We are still in need to funds. We can't use Chapter dues or use NASW resources to solicit funds. If you or someone you know is willing to contribute, no amount is too small.

Please send us a confidential email and/or mail check made to Sandy Bernabei

and mail to:
Sandy Bernabei
351 W 53rd Street #4E
New York, NY 10019

Payments can also be made through the PayPal option. Please use the “Send
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