2016 - 2018


Many NASW members received a request from NASW President Wheeler for your proxy vote. Those of us involved with the Coalition of Concerned NASW Members were particularly concerned about this action, that the effort of the National Board to collect proxy votes in such a veiled manner, directly undermines the possibility of all of us having meaningful input into decisions on the future of our association. To counter this, we started to invite members to the June 21st Annual Membership Meeting and to gather our own proxy votes.

Thanks to many of YOUR efforts prior to the June 21 meeting we gathered hundreds of proxy votes from 20 different NASW Chapters. Natalia Salinas went prepared to the Annual Membership meeting in DC to challenge any motion with regard to "modernization." There were no motions or discussion or announcements made with regard to modernization at the Annual Membership meeting. The meeting was uneventful lasting less than 30 minutes.

We believe the effort was worth our time as it reinvigorated many of us. Our website had over 3,000 hits THIS MONTH ALONE (June)! Our message is finally reaching far and wide.
After Natalia headed back to the airport for her return trip, National announced at the National Conference that they would be hosting "listening sessions" on Modernization. They would be "educating" members on Modernization, but not answering questions or having discussions. As National tries to gather member support for Modernization and use members gathered at the National Conference to their advantage we continue to build a growing movement of fully informed members.  

Thank you for your time and commitment to take a stand for something that will go down in NASW history. 

The proxy votes being gathered were in preparation for the membership meeting that occurred June 21. National initiated the gathering of proxy votes and we wanted to counter this with our gathering of proxy votes. National did not bring up anything at the membership meeting that required the use of the proxy votes, however, we remain concerned that they will attempt to use them at a later date. For this reason we continue to welcome proxy votes.  

Again, thank you for your support! It will make a difference.  Please fill in items below, cut and paste into a new message and return to:



I am a voting member of the National Association of Social Workers, and I support the work of our Association. I appoint NASW member Natalia Salinas as my agent and proxy, with full power of substitution, to exercise my vote in any Association matters except the election of officers and directors, from and including this date.







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