2016 - 2018

The National Association of Social Workers used to be an organization, which we could all stand behind.  We all believed in it.  It was structured in such a way for membership to have a voice and a vote.

We were the backbone of the association.   Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. A reorganization referred to as “modernization” turned out to be a hostile takeover of our chapters, our bylaws, our polices and our organization. 

This was done by an administration that was interested in its own power.  They consolidated all power unto themselves for expediency. We, individually and as a collective felt this was wrong.

We took action. This is our story.

Sandy Bernabei, Annie Davis, Chris Hudson, Stephen Rassi, Natalia Salinas and Sabrina Southern.  

We thank Michael Leonhard for donating his time and talents to produce this video to document our efforts.