2016 - 2018

Coalition of Concerned Members of NASW​

NASW National Board of Directors That Approved "Modernization"

MOTION made by Hanssen and second by Wehrmann: That the National Board of Directors approve, in its entirety, the Key Features that form the proposal of the Modernization and Revitalization Work Group proposal dated June 2015, which are defined and articulated on the attached “Summary of Key Features: Work Group II,” and which are made a part of this motion.

Second, that the Chief Executive Officer of NASW is charged with responsibility for implementation of the Key Features of the proposal, with said implementation to begin on or about July 2016, in accordance with an implementation plan presented to the National Board of Directors for review at their September 2015 meeting; and third, that the process of finalizing the implementation plan includes additional required due diligence and stakeholder representation from across the Association including chapter and national staff and leadership.

Motion passed with 1 opposed and 1 abstention:

The BOD members present for the meeting were:

Darrell Wheeler, President
E. Jane Middleton, Vice President
Mary McCarthy, Treasurer
Jacqueline Durham, Secretary
Ellen Bartley
Carol Bonner
Emily Donovan
Enrico “Rick” DeGironimo
Wanda Ellingson
Paula Foster
Daria Hanssen
Jordan Holley
Lauren Meeker
Shirley Otis-Green
Sharolyn Wallace
Raymie Wayne
Kathryn Wehrmann
Olga Velez-Sarabia
Dorothy Ziemer