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January 4, 2018 Last and Final update

The National Association of Social Workers used to be an organization, which we could all stand behind.  We all believed in it.  It was structured in such a way for membership to have a voice and a vote.

We were the backbone of the association.   Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. A reorganization referred to as “modernization” turned out to be a hostile takeover of our chapters, our bylaws, our polices and our organization. 

This was done by an administration that was interested in its own power.  They consolidated all power unto themselves for expediency. We, individually and as a collective felt this was wrong.

We took action.  
 This is our story.  (video)


March 25, 2016

Venable LLP letter delineates bylaw violations by the NASW Board of Directors

June 16, 2016

Goodwin Procter LLP responds to National's attempt to accumulate proxies.
National's proxy solicitation was materially false and misleading to a membership that is minimally informed regarding what is at stake. National consistently blocks all of our attempts to communicate with the membership body. In response, we gathered hundreds of proxies, representing 20 chapters.

Legal Documents Goodwin-Procter LLP
Injunction and Case Pleading 

June 25, 2015
Board of Directors approve sweeping structural changes with neither knowledge nor their membership permission by way of the Delegate Assembly, which is the legally elected voice of membership. See names of NASW BOD  that approved "Modernization."

July 6, 2016


Chapter statements were intended for the April 8, 2016 Special Membership Meeting which was cancelled by NASW Leadership and finally rescheduled for August 25, 2016 AFTER modernization is initiated.

Special Membership meeting has been rescheduled for August 25, 2015 @ 3pm ET.

Update October 23, 2016

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